Here is what participants said after the course:

„Wonderful, amazing, fantastic experience“

„The feeling when you see cetaceans is so powerful and energizing“

„This was the best experience in my life!“

„You learn a lot“

„Good scientific content“

„A very special experience in a very special place!“

„I learned a lot, not only about cetaceans but also about myself“

„This kind of work can truly help to save the animals by showing the negative effects of whale watching“

„If you have interest in cetaceans and want to respect and learn something about nature, this is a good project“

„More people should learn that whale watching is more than getting as close to whales as possible“

„Good mixture of whale watching, information and simply going around with the others of the group!“

„Helping to protect the animals and learn a lot about them“

„Getting to know the behavior of real dolphins and not only what you see on TV or in waterparks“

„I had a great time and I could improve myself as a person and be more aware what is going on in the Canaries“

„Good insight into how behavioural research and an environmental project works“

„In the comfortable atmosphere of La Gomera a highly motivated and qualified team offers a good mixture of theory and practice about cetaceans, whale watching and methods. This can only be recommended to others“

„Good organization, kind and highly qualified staff“

„A unique opportunity to participate in some very interesting, novel and important research.“

„Thank you for this great experience. It was absolutely amazing!“